Bundle Stars, a website where you can buy many games has recently started their biggest sale ever. With discounts up to 90%, the website offers a huge variety of games. As Steam sales has ended and we got whatever we could, it is a good chance to see if we have sacrificed enough money to the video gaming gods or not.

The list is pretty impressive if you ask me. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is on sale for 80% and Alien: Isolation for 76%. Many other titles like Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition (75%), Civilization VI (40%), Bioshock (76%) are also on sale. And the list goes on like this. So, the best would be to take a look at it and after decide. You can always check the website for the discounts.

The sale will be there until August 21st. And don’t forget to check the website every day. Because they will offer additional discounts for a limited number of people.

So enjoy your cheap games and stay tuned for more!


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