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Doom 3 – New graphics overhaul mod is out to improve the visuals

Before anything else, I must remind you that 2004 was thirteen years ago, not four years ago. I know how it feels, I feel your pain, but it is the truth.

Doom 3 was out for PC and Xbox in 2004 and it was looking pretty good when you think about it. Like all Doom games, it had a special place in our hearts and now someone thoughtful enough decided to mod it in order to improve the visuals.

Modder IZZoOn has just released Doom 3 NextGen Extreme mod for Doom 3 which overhauls the game’s visuals, sound and UI, and comes with various bug fixes, restores content and adds new features while keeping the gameplay and visual style intact.

This mode is based on the latest version of Sikkmod which offers more stable graphics and all of the textures of the game have been tweaked in order to obtain better sharpness.

If you are still playing Doom 3 or want to take a look at it after hearing this, you can go ahead and download the mod from here. You can visit here for Redux & Doom3 Model and here for Redux HD Texture. Please, be warned that this account has a daily download limit. If you can’t download it, you can try another day.



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Written by Emine Öztürk

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