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GMDX overhaul mod for Deus Ex is out

GMDX overhaul mod for Deus Ex is out

Hey there fellas! I missed you. 

Deus Ex was a masterpiece in means of delivering a good action RPG with an astonishing story to delve in. But, it was a masterpiece –don’t get me wrong, it still is– but the game’s not aged well, let’s all accept the fact. There’s a new generation of gamers and they sure can’t stand non-MoCap animations and non-detailed, cheesily-illuminated textures. Meanwhile the old generation also wouldn’t mind a fresh sight to the eyes, I’m sure.

Deus Ex has a lot of “overhaul” mods, and the best-known among these are the New Vision and The Revision. The newly-released overhaul mod GMDX (a.k.a. Give Me Deus Ex) builds itself on the foundations of the graphic mod New Vision and bring immense improvements on the base game. Here are some of the improvements we should expect, taken from the mod’s website:

  • Enhanced Artistic Direction
    Faithfully updated Level Design and Graphics. Handled with subtlety and care, this is still the Deus Ex you know and love, but better.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Engage highly polished, highly dynamic AI. Much work has gone into the improvement of encounters.
  • Game Mechanics
    Entirely new game mechanics, such as mantling, zooming in with scopes, and more. All are optional.
  • Sound Design
    Low quality and duplicate sounds replaced, and new audio additions to fill in the blanks.
  • Weapons & Modifications
    Intricate attention to detail to provide highly polished and deeper weaponry.
  • RPG Systems
    Build a deeper and more meaningful role to play through balancing and expansion.
  • User Interface & HUD
    What isn’t broke shouldn’t be fixed, only expanded. New shortcuts, more precise GUI information, and additional interactive elements.
  • Augmentations
    Balancing, polish, new effects, and expanded functionality. The full potential of augmentations has finally been realized.
  • Difficulty Levels
    Newbie? Moderate? Veteran? Hardcore challenge seeker? Difficulty levels are vastly overhauled to cater to a wider variety of player types.
  • Effects
    New graphical effects, new simulated systems and general little details.
  • Bug Patches
    GMDX is also most Extensive Bugfixing Project Available.

Here is the video, check it out:

The modder “Totalitarian” claims that the mod will “stay true to the original developers’ vision”, and as we can see from the video, the changes (especially the visual changes) are subtle; and that’s the way we like it as the followers of the original game.

To give yourself a concrete reason to start a new playthrough (again); you need a fresh install of the original game, run it once, and then download & install the mod from its Moddb page. Here it is –you can also find detailed information about the changes made.

The mod is out after five years of development, and is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. Give it a try, will you? We surely will.

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