Yet another mod fellas. And this time, it’s about Fallout 4. We were so excited about the game when it was first revealed by Bethesda. Do you remember those times? Then, we got the game and played it. Some of us loved it and some of us hated it. But in any case, Fallout 4 was a success for Bethesda. One of the things that we didn’t like about the game was probably the removal of the skill system, the dialogue system and all the other new and degraded aspects of Fallout franchise.

But fear not my brothers! Now it is possible to take that system back and spend points on skill that you like once more thanks to a mod. You will do so in this huge mod which will also add soem other things like a new map, quests, stories etc. It’s almost like an expansion. And believe me guys, this mod will be a huge one.

Welcome to Seattle Wasteland

The mod is called Fallout Cascadia. It’s a mod which is created by a huge group of modders some of which work for the big Skyrim project Beyond Skyrim. Another interesting improvement is the changes on the minimalistic and annoying dialogue system. So more than a simple mod to implement the skill system to the game, Fallout Cascadia is a huge project which let players have a brand new Wasteland experience.

Thinking that these modders are getting more and more dedicated to their volunteered job makes me feel happy. The thing that we miss and the things that we hate in the classic games are coming back thanks to these people. Also, as we have heard from Bethesda, they will probably work together on these titles. We will see what happens in the future. But as far as I can tell, the modding world is getting bigger and bigger every day. And sometimes, they do a better job than the developers if you ask me. (No offense!)

There is, unfortunately, no release date for Fallout Cascadia. But for those who would like to check the early screenshots and artworks, you can check their website. And until we have more news about the mod, enjoy and stay tuned for more!


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