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New Content for Dying Light is Coming Soon And They Are Free

New downloadable content is coming for Dying Light! Techland has recently announced that some new content was planned for the title. They will be available soon and they will add new features to the game as well as some tech improvements, new locations and new challenges. But probably what is interesting at this point is not the DLCs themselves, it’s the fact that they will be free!

You get a DLC, she gets a DLC, everybody gets a DLC !

Yes, you heard me right. The 10 DLCs which were planned to be released periodically in 12 months are going to be completely free. And to be able to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction, the team will also launch a platform for the players to test the DLCs and send feedback to the devs. Which is always a good thing as players can get an idea about the upcoming DLC and the devs would be more comfortable about the outcome of their work. Mainly, the new features will most probably add new content like new objectives, new stories, new locations, items, enemies, characters and new mechanics.

We don’t know what waits us in the future. But the only thing we know is that the first part of these DLCs will add new enemies to the game. New DLC, which is named Content Drop #0, will be released during the next couple of weeks. Until then, enjoy the video and stay tuned for more news about the Dying Light DLCs fellas!



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