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Rise of the Tomb Raider Latest Update Improves DX12 Performance in CPU Bound Situations

Sequel to the 2013 video game Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider launched in 2015 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Later in 2016, the game hit PC and PlayStation 4.

Tomb Raider was a splendid experience for me and I welcomed Rise of the Tomb Raider with open arms just to find it poorly optimized. Even though my gear is good enough to meet the system requirements, somehow Lara couldn’t even walk, let alone running and jumping.

Finally, NIXXES released a new patch for Rise of the Tomb Raider that improves DX12 performance across a variety of hardware, in CPU bound situations.

Here, you can see what this new patch fixes:

  • Fix certain DX12 crashes reported by users on the forums.
  • Improve DX12 performance across a variety of hardware, in CPU bound situations. Especially performance on AMD Ryzen CPUs can be significantly improved.

After this patch, we are happy to inform you that the Village level which made us scream and punch the screen improved nicely. You can go ahead and try Rise of the Tomb Raider again. Hope you won’t have a nervous breakdown after this patch.


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