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Nintendo Switch Joy Cons Can Connect to PC, Mac, and Android

Nintendo Switch Joy Cons can connect to your PC, yeah we’ve already learned that, but a YouTube user named DreWoof confirmed that it is also possible that you can pair your Joy – Cons with other devices via Bluetooth.

Since Joy – Cons use Bluetooth to comminicate with Switch, it is possible to pair them with all other Bluetooth capable devices and control them through Joy – Cons. This allows us to play two player games with them because they act as seperate controllers contrarily they do with Switch. Using them as one controller is not default by the way lads and lasses so you have to wait for a solution about that.

Currently the controllers can connect to PC, Mac, and Android devices with Bluetooth. We can’t control our IPhone or IPad games because IOS devices use different wireless specifications.

On the other hand, not all the Switch games will be tv compatible because of their touch pad natures.

An example to such game? Voez. It is a colourful, rhythm based, storytelling, Japanese game that has been announced for Switch only. This game made to be touched dude, you know, feel the story, around your fingers, and time goes by… (Ehm…) Here is a trailer, enjoy.

Touchy, isn’t it?

Actually, it is a good thing for both Nintendo Switch and the game developers to have a specific game for a specific console, but Switchs future is full of questions. Switch and its Joy – Cons does have a big potential and need more inclusive use.

Let us know your ideas about it in comments and stay tuned.

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Written by Tolgahan Aykın

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