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Cel-Shaded Shooter ‘Crazy Justice’ is Getting Ready for Multiplayer Beta

Crazy Justice may change your point of view of the shooter genre.

Black Riddles Studio is getting ready to surprise you with a new action adventure RPG shooter called Crazy Justice. Crazy Justice has been greenlit by the community and there is a reason this game shines amongst others.

We are surely collecting the very last fruits of Steam Greenlight since Valve decided that Greenlight is no more. Not everyday we come up with a worthy greenlit title but there is no doubt that Crazy Justice is worthy.

Cel-shaded games are not for everyone, but they have a special place in my heart since Borderlands series. And, if you add steampunk designs which look like Tesla coils to the game you can have a picture of Crazy Justice in your mind. If you are having a hard time imagining, here it is.

When it comes to the story, Crazy Justice demands you to search for the Tesla coils around the world (London, France, Hungary, New York, Route 66, Egypt, North Pole etc.) and activate them even though they will bring chaos to the world. Yes, you are working to bring evil to the world. Crazy Justice promises a fun gameplay with humorous moments.

While starting, you can customize your character and the Drone. The Drones define the Heroes’ skin, abilities and behavior. Along with that, you can play the game in Single player, Multiplayer, Co­op Story mode, Crazy Co­op, P2P Crazy Co­op. Crazy Justice is on the way for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Crazy Justice is now getting ready for Multiplayer Beta test. Multiplayer mode includes:

The Devastator
  • A 16-player battle in which ‘the Devastator’ advances toward the ‘Temple of Osiris’. One side is out to support the Devastator on its mission by defending the four Teslas, while the other aims to destroy the Teslas to bring down the Devastator’s shield (and then, presumably, the Devastator itself). Sounds like a combination of objective assault and payload modes in other games.
  • A classic Team Deathmatch mode with a fast-paced gameplay; heroes fight against each other for a limited time in 4v4, 6v6, and 8v8 matches.
Capture the Tesla
  • Capture as many Teslas as you can. Each capture earns your team one point and subtracts one from the enemy, so there’s a momentum element at work.

If you want to sign up for Crazy Justice Multiplayer Beta test, you can visit here. Here is a video of the game so you can see what you are up against. Don’t miss this, guys!

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