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Prey 2 E3 Announcement Rumored

 I love all the “marshal”s because of James Raynor on Starcraft series, that’s why Prey 2 trailer picked me up at the first moment I watched it. So, we waits it precious, we waits it until 2014 and Bethesda announced that Prey 2 was canceled. I get the gun, pressed it against their forehead and watched the fear grow in their eyes, but that didn’t work.
Rumors covered everywhere that the galaxy’s one and only human bounty hunter is still alive but there was no real announcement or even a clue about it. Most recently, fan site Alien Noire tweeted that “a new Prey game” is being made by Arkane Studios, the developer of Dishonored.
The source of the rumor is unknown but and domains were recently updated and this strengthens the case if there will be something new. We must Prey 2 get a confirmation this time. (I’m getting good at this word play thing)

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Written by Tolgahan Aykın

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