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System Shock Remastered Kickstarter Campaign Starts in June

After finding out that Warren Spector is joining the crew for System Shock 3, our trust in NightDive Studios reached its peak point. As a studio with the mission of reviving old and good classics, we could not help but trust them anyway.
System Shock Remastered, one of the many projects NightDive is working on, have released a gameplay video in March, that we’ve also shared with you with great passion and excitement (because we love dystopian science-fiction and lunatic artificial intell–The process shall not take long. If it sounds unpleasant to you, put your mind at ease, insect. You will not survive to see my new world order:

Well, SHODAN, thanks for the video. Where were we? Yes, the video reveals nothing, but the info on the Facebook page is clear: June 29 is the starting date of their Kickstarter campaign. We hope that it will be a succesful one, as the game seems to offer a beautiful and fluid gameplay. You can check the trippy project site here. Stay tuned!Thank you for running my errands, puppet. 

You’re welcome, SHODAN.


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