ELEX is a brand new post-apocalyptic science fantasy universe which offers us a vast, seamless game world full of interesting characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and of course, some thrilling action, according to Piranha Bytes and Nordic Games.

ELEX looks promising and we are excited to hear and share new details about it. According to Piranha Bytes ELEX will last 50-80 hours, depends how you want to play it since it is open-world. And there will be no DLC’s.
Here is the details Piranha Bytes shared during the interview with Rocket Beans TV:
  • Different “weapon-modes”: axes will have a different feel to it than e.g. swords
  • Equal emphasis on melee and long-range combat
  • “everything you see…you can go there” 😉 – “vertical exploration” due to jetpacks
  • 1,5 x the map-size of Gothic 3 inspirations: Mad Max, Fallout, Witcher
  • One huge continent – no loading between biomes and regions
  • Still the same “Arschgeigen” who write their scripts/dialogs
  • Toilet paper ingame confirmed
  • Many different endings – depending on what happens to and who’ll get Elex
  • All main characters will react to your decisions, even in the end-credits
  • Your decisions affect a “deadness/coldness” factor: humane (emotional) vs. mechanical/synthetic (calculating/numb)
  • Humane can mean both bad and/or good, the same for mechanical; so no clear distinction between good and evil – are you an asshole but at least humane?
  • Natural map-borders: sea and mountains
  • Maybe small infested/contaminated areas
  • Tuning: much individually adjustable stuff such as combat systems (autoaim, combo windows…) or values of NPCs (different difficulty modes) however the world itself has non-dynamic values (no leveling of npcs/quests or different difficulty depending to your hero’s level.)
  • Neutral/friendly people will react to you if you have your weapons drawn
  • The death of certain characters will/can change parts of the stories and quests
  • Unfortunately no time and resources for modding support 🙁 (they are very and deeply sorry)
  • No support for last-gen consoles
  • Animations will be polished until the very last day; they are a small team and they do what they can; animations are a mixture of mocap and manual labor (keyframing)
  • There will be regions with sand and snow
  • Typical skills and perks: lockpicking, pickpocketing, hacking, alchemy… but perks are sometimes locked behind factions; so certain pools of skills/perks will be restricted from you depending on your decisions
  • Ammunition will be scarce; the faction of the “Outlaws” will grant you the perk of producing your own ammo e.g.
  • No humping/banging/shagging
  • No “Sumpfkraut”
  • There will be again some dialog-heavy quests (but overall it will be a good mixture)
  • Rammstein would be a nice asset for the game …or Alice Cooper and Johnny Deep
  • Again guild-dependent armor
  • Rising to higher ranks within guilds is again a possibility you cannot play as a woman but you can get into relationship(s) with wom(e/a)n
  • Dynamic weather and day and night cycles; different climates in different regions
  • Playtime between 50 and 80 hrs
  • Vehicles don’t quite fit into their game; so no motorbikes or cars unfortunately
  • More then at least 80 trees ingame
  • Clothing is and works basically in the same ways as in Risen/Gothic series (head,top, bottom, shoes; armor serves as identification)
  • Endurance bar for more tactical approaches in melee combat
  • (not sure if i did understand correctly); npcs won’ take turns and will attack you all at once if there is need
  • You have to decide for a faction/guild at the end of the day
  • NPCs won’t have a dynamic daily routine; will stand in place just to be there for you for gameplay’s sake (indirectly confirmed)
  • No resource-management: you won’t have to eat/drink/sleep to stay alive
  • No real minigames
  • Basic party-system (one slot for party member; depending on the main story occasionally more)
  • No DLCs planned
Here is the video:


ELEX will launch in 2017.Thanks, Reddit.


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