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The Division Season Pass Details Are Here!

What did we do to deserve you The Division?

After Ubisoft left us heartbroken with the news that Brooklyn map will not be included at the first launch, I think they are trying to win us again and they have a ‘post-launch plan’ now.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will have 3 major expansions included in Seasons Pass. Also, there are new features and free updates. This expansions are named Underground, Survival and Last Stand.

  • Underground: This expansion will give us a chance to explore a new area, underworld of New York City.
  • Survival: Survival expansion is for the hardcore lovers. Survival will turn all of your map into a Dark Zone and as we know Dark Zone has pretty much different dynamics from the main game.
  • Last Stand: Details for the Last Stand expansion are still a mystery, they will be announced soon.
What about preciousss free thingiiees you say? Well I guess I can say they are shiny. If you are thinking about buying the Season Pass then you will have a side-arm shotgun which is awesome. Other than that you will have new weapon skills and outfits. Also you will get special content drops.
We have to wait until March 8 for this glorious game.