In most of the horror or thriller movies based on religious stories, we see that there is something off with the church. Formerly, the evil beings or creatures was afraid of the church but now we can see thay they are not, in fact it is common that a father or a priest is actually the evil one. It is a plot-twist age we are living in. ‘We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.

The Church in the Darkness is an action-infiltration game, set in the 1970’s and inspired by real life-events. In game, there is a religious colony of Freedom Town and as being a former cop, you are trying to get inside and check on your nephew but it is no easy job, since it is isolated.

Apparently, The Church in the Darkness is based on events of Jonestown (Peoples Temple Agricultural Project), which was formed by The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ in 1955. Jim Jones was the leader. Jonestown made itself famous in 1978, when 900 people died in the remote commune. All but two died because of cynide poisoning. In total, 909 people died in this supposed revolutioanry suicide. You can read the detailed iformation about this event in this wikipedia article.

So, now there is our chance to be a part of the past. The Church in the Darkness is a different game than any others. With every new game, the layout of the chuch will change. Along with the church, member’s beliefs and leaders’ motives will change too. Chuch leaders, The Walkers, moved to South American jungle and their followers escaped with them from the religious persecution of US. But as we know, the chuch may not be what it seems. Interesting concept for a game, I believe you all have different opinions about this. So please, let us know.

Other than that, game will have an open map. We know that you can just injure your enemies or kill everyone you like. But then, maybe you are the darkness in the chuch? So many alternatives. Founders Isaac and Rebecca will be portrayed by Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie. We know them as GlaDOS from Portal and the Sniper from Team Fortress. You can watch the game trailer below:

The Church in the Darkness, will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.


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