When I was a little child, I remember that my thoughts about Lego was something like “I will play with these until eternity” and well, I still play with them occasionally. But why did I tell you this? Because the same thing also goes for TES: Skyrim. Some games come and go, but Skyrim stays there; waiting for me to return to her bosom everytime I get bored from the others –or, after hearing about game-changing mods like Holds the City Overhaul.

Built by the modder Galandil, Holds the City Overhaul makes the Skyrim cities great again! (heh) The mod adds a lot of buildings, NPCs and assets to the vanilla cities which normally look like very, very small towns (let’s be honest). Watch the video to see changes made (for vanilla/mod comparisons, go to 1.45, and for some gameplay, go to 2.56):

You can check the mod’s page from here, while I return to my artificial homeland and eat ancient tomatoes.


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