Highly anticipated game of all times, No Man’s Sky now has a new trailer that is showing off epic battles and fights which we will encounter while playing.

On a planet, we have multi-tool to defend ourselves against deadly creatures and mine recources. If you attack any creature, agressive or not, or mine recources; you will get the attention of the Sentiels. And what are the Sentiels exactly? Well, they are robotic forces and their duty is to keep their planet in peace. The more you fight, the higher your Wanted level will get. And like it is not enough, when you keep fighting and bring violence to planets, Sentiels will grow stronger.

And yes, there are Sentiels on space, too. So when you try to steal from traders and attack them, your Wanted level will be increasing and Sentiel police ships will be there to make sure everything is under control.

So, there are Sentiels everywhere actually. But they are not the only ones we will be fighting against. There are pirates! Yes, space pirates will be after you and your cargo, so SHIP, AHOY!

Here is the new trailer for No Man’s Sky:

It is coming on August 9th!


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