Thanks to the Guides To The Galaxy video series of No Man’s Sky, we are able to see how trading works in game.

Previously, we have witnessed exploring and fighting features of the game, now it is time to learn about trading. Well, if you want to survive while you are discovering galaxy, you’ll need things. Recources will keep you going.

No Man’s Sky, a unique game, of course has a unique periodic table of elements. Some of the elements are familiar to ours but some of them, we have never seen before. All these elements are valuable and can be used in different ways like crafting weapons and items after you start to learn techology.

So, when you want to trade, who will you go? Well, planets are inhabited and alien races own distinct languages. You will conversate with aliens and learn a word at a time. You will unlock vocabulary and doing so will increase your success rate.

Resources and items can be valuable in one planet but not in another. You’ll need to learn which planet needs what so you can sell your resources and items for higher prices.

Also, this game is so good I want to scream. Launch already! Here is the trade trailer:


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