New Trailer from The Technomancer

New Trailer from The Technomancer

The maker of Mars: War Logs (which was a pretty decent game in general opinion) Spiders and Focus Home Interactive released a trailer for their upcoming sci-fi roleplaying game, The Technomancer. Set on Mars, The Technomancer lets us play with a Technomancer (what a suprise) named Zachariah, a representative of one of the many corporations in conflict with eachother. Why are they fighting for? Water. With our electrical powers, we will delve into the politics and frictions between fractions. Let’s see the video:

From the video, we could not help but get the feeling of Mars: War Logs –which is a good thing in my opinion. The Technomancer comes with 40 hours of quests, many companions which you should consider their moralities, decisions, 4 different skill trees, 3 battle stances and a world full of enemies -including weird ones-.

The Technomancer will be out on 21st June; for platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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