Goodbye, Playstation 2

Goodbye, Playstation 2

Yes, I thought exactly the same; I thought PS2 was gone for good three years ago. But it seems that the online features for one last game was still intact –until yesterday.

On March 19th, Square Enix made an announcement that marked the ending of its Final Fantasy XI servers on PS2 & Xbox 360. On 31th, yesterday, FFXI server support ended for both consoles. For X360, this is no great deal but for PlayStation 2, this means the end because FFXI was the last game that supported online play on it.
Goodbye, the console of our early younghood; and in my opinion, the console of greatest potential of all time –because after you, the console market became a moneygrinder instead of a creative playground (yes, I am looking at you, PS4.5).
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