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It’s like the Early Access program is out of hand now since every game has one. It is a common case that you pay for early access of a game that seems so polished but never to be completed.

A program which actually would be helpful and supporting is now may seem like a trap to some. is now trying a new way to clean this mess and announced a new Early Access Program. Managing Director Piotr Karwowski made an explanation about this program:

Our goal has always been to offer a selection of titles that are both excellent and worth your time. Nowadays, we’re seeing more games that are already great experiences while still in development. We want all gamers on to have access to what these titles have to offer, but we want to get it right, carefully evaluating each and every game, offering a 14-day refund policy, and providing GOG Galaxy support with update rollback and more. shared 5 games that are still in development state. Starbound, Ashes of the Singularity, Project Zomboid, TerraTech and Curious Expedition. The best part is that you can refund your Early Access game in 14 days if you are not pleased, with no questions asked. Also, you can roll back in a previous version of the game via GOG Galaxy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having technical issues, if you don’t think the game is fleshed-out enough yet, or if it simply doesn’t click with you — all games in development can be returned for any reason. will be offering new Early Access titles in the future according to ratings on the Community Wishlist.


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