Highy anticipated hack and slash game For Honor has some news about its PC version.

Ubisoft has stated that Blue Byte is in charge of For Honor’s PC version. And according to Benedikt Grindel of Blue Byte, For Honor will feel like a PC game. Well, that sould do it.

PC has traditionally been the strongest platform in Germany, and after early hits like The Settlers and Battle Isle, it became the studio’s lead platform. The team is absolutely passionate about PC gaming, and most of our developers are die-hard PC gamers.

It needs to have a PC look and feel, but it is also a balancing act. PC is the most powerful and diverse platform to develop for, so it’s about pushing the game to the limits of new hardware, while still keeping it accessible to a broad audience of PC gamers. 

We will see Blue Byte, we will see.

For Honor will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 14th.


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