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Evolve’s New Elder Kraken Is Coming Soon

Evolve‘s new monster adaptation is a visual variation of the Kraken in the game and it is called Elder Kraken. This beast is straight out of Lovecraft books.

It is called Elder because according to the developers, Elder Kraken was there before all the other beasts. It is a beast that all the other beasts see in their nightmares.

Before Goliath, before Wraith…before the creature we’ve come to call “Kraken,” there was something else – something primal: The Progenitor. This thing….this….Elder Kraken returns from the depths of time to wreak havoc on the planet Shear and anything that might get in its way.

It is a good thing that developers are still adding new characters to the game. You can see the Elder Kraken in the video below.

You can see Elder Kraken in your game on Tuesday.