We know that Doom is now in closed beta and we also know that advanced graphic options section is not available at his point. But, who can stand in a Pc gamer’s way?

There is even a colorblind option and for it id Sofware, you deserve a high-five. Other than that, we can set our maximum FPS to 144fps. Here are the settings which we can adjust while playing Doom.

  • Graphics API
  • Max Frames Per-Second
  • Lights Quality
  • Shading Quality
  • Shadows Quality
  • Post Process Quality
  • Particles Quality
  • Effects Quality
  • Directional Occlusion Quality
  • Reflections Quality
  • Texture Filtering
  • Motion Blur Amount
  • Sharpening Amount
  • Chromatic Aberration Amount
  • Lens Flare
  • Virtual Texturing Page Size
  • Virtual Texturing Cache Size
  • Virtual Texturing Compression
  • Virtual Texturing Max PFF
  • Colorblind Mode
  • Rendering Mode


Doom will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 13.


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