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Well we had no idea!

Civilization 6 is announced, has an announcement trailer and coming in October 21, this year! And it is coming with huge changes.

In Civilization 6, you will be able to spread your city more than one district. That means your city will be more detailed and specialized. You will be able to obtain more land, take advantage of more than one terrain and you will have the advantage of being close to different resources.

“There are 10 to 12 different types of tile that you’ll put around your city and the player now has this intricate layout puzzle, where they decide where districts go around their city. That becomes a cool, fun way to develop your empire that has a layer of depth that we didn’t have before.”

This will change your whole strategy in the game. You can go and settle your farm in one district and factories in the other. You can choose to protect one of your district more than the others so you will want to arm it better.

Also, there is another thing new to the game. We will now have active research. By doing small objectives, we can help science grow in some districts. We will unlock diffetent research boosts and by doing so, we will experience a different gameplay than before.

Multiplayer option will be so much enjoyable. We will have specific scenarios and quick multiplayer game speed. Multiplayer scenarios can also be played in solo campaigns.


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