Overwatch will have Cross-Play ‘Soon’

It’s been a while since Overwatch is out, and finally, after all those years, we are getting cross-play support for it. This means players from different platforms can compete against each other.

This was announced by the game director Aaron Keller in Blizzard’s latest developer update. Giving details about what’s going to happen once cross-platform arrives for Overwatch.

The system will queue full console parties with other console players. The same goes for the PC platform, which means players have the choice to not queue against other platforms if they wish to do so. Also, the competitive game mode will not have a cross-play feature.

The cross-play features can be disabled on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. However, PC players can’t disable the option. Also, the feature will be on by default.

It has been mentioned that cross-progression won’t be present at the launch of cross-play, indicating that it’s work that will be done in the future. Cross-play will be added in beta state “soon”, and users will need to log onto their Battle.net accounts in order to participate in the beta.

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