Sonic Colors Remastered Announced, Trailer is Out As Well

Sonic Colors remastered has been announced, and it will release for both PC and consoles. The release doesn’t seem to be so far away as well. The announcement was made as part of Sega’s Sonic Central presentation, which was for the 30th anniversary of the first game’s release.

Now we have the info of a remaster for 2010’s Sonic Colors on our hands, and it will be called Sonic Colors Ultimate. You can see the trailer of the game yourself below:

Sega explains the game as “more colorful than ever with enhanced visuals and graphics,” indicating the 4K resolution, also mentioning “refined controls and many more gameplay upgrades.”

There are also leaks and claims for another Sonic game, though. But we have almost no detail on that project yet, as Sega didn’t give any themselves in the presentation, staying quiet.

Either way, make sure to be ready for Sonic Colors Ultimate which will arrive for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch on September 7!

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