An Easter Egg in Xbox Dashboard Has Been Found After 20 Years

An easter egg from the original Xbox has been revealed after more than two decades, as Kotaku reports.

The Easter egg is a little credits screen for Xbox staff members who have worked on the original Xbox, which we remember for the classic green interface. In case you don’t know, Xbox Series X/S just received it as well.

The secret wasn’t actually found, the existence of it was told by an anonymous Xbox developer, presumably one of those who have worked on the original Xbox, to Kotaku. They figured out that the easter egg wouldn’t be found anytime soon, so they decided to give the information themselves.

The way to do the easter egg is actually pretty hard to find, I doubt anyone would find it accidentally or anything. Here’s how you do it: You need to get an audio CD ripped, later on, its album’s name changed to something specific, and that is “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”.

After the steps are done, when the Settings > System Info window is checked, it will display the names of four staff members who have worked on the console. These names are Victor Blanco, Sakphong Chanbai, Bradford Christian, and Jim Helm.

According to the console’s creator Seamus Blackley, another easter egg is waiting to be uncovered. And he says that the easter egg has to do something with the console’s boot animation. Now that should be a big clue, right?

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