“Photorealistic GTA V” Achieved but Do We Actually Want It?

In the past years, the visuals of games start to get even more advanced, and to be fair, I can already see my hardware not catching up with the new releases soon. I mean, have you seen how good visuals Resident Evil Village has?

Researchers at Intel Labs apparently found a way to make visuals of Grand Theft Auto V look like it’s almost reality. They reportedly use machine learning techniques to replace textures of the game with real-life ones(thanks Gizmodo!).

As for the technical side, you can check out in-depth details about the project here. Briefly speaking, they use the data from Cityscapes Dataset, later on, thanks to the machine learning technique, they apply the textures, lighting, and visuals. It’s not at its best state right now, but it sure does provide some reality to GTA V.

This is good and all but, when I watched the video I asked myself the question “Do I really want this?”. I mean, games are unique thanks to their visuals and art style, and we sometimes play games to get away from the issues of life. Wouldn’t this eliminate these points? To me, it kind of would.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for photorealistic titles, or if I want them at all. But at the end of the day, seeing improvement in tech makes me happy. Let’s just hope that they don’t overuse it in any way!

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