Reports Show That PSVR 2 Will Have Haptic Feedback, 4K Display, and More

UploadVR states that Sony had been sharing some details about PSVR 2’s new features to their partners. These features include 4K display support, eye tracking, haptic feedback, and more.

The resolution improvisation of the headset is just amazing, with 2000×2040 per eye, making it a total of 4000×2040 resolution when combined. This surpasses the original PSVR’s 960×1080 per eye resolution and a huge upgrade overall.

The eye-tracking feature is also crucial, which lowers the quality of views that players can’t see, giving developers a chance for making more quality games for PSVR 2 by spending its resources for views that players can see.

Another feature is the haptic feedback, which will complete the one in the new controllers. It is said that the feature could be implemented via a motor in the headset, along with a camera on it that would track the position of controllers.

These are all good news but we know for sure that Sony isn’t launching the headset this year, as they have announced it. Still, it’s good to get more details on our hands, we’ll see what happens next.

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