Rambo and John McClabe May Soon Arrive to Call of Duty: Warzone

Looks like Call of Duty’s 80s passion won’t end soon left, even Verdansk’84 wasn’t able to stop it, and they keep pursuing more. Now they are teasing John Rambo and John McClane’s arrival.

All this begins with Call of Duty’s post on Twitter, asking if anyone knows SURVIVORJOHN#1009062, showing some more than impressive stats.

Actually, these numbers aren’t random, and they indicate some numbers that are telling facts about Rambo’s history. The count of games played and wins can be matched with the number of Rambo films that have been released, and their total length, 7.8 hours, could have been used as an indication for hours played. As for deaths, that one is obvious, he never got killed. 552 kills in there are also not random, as according to Fandom.com, his kill count is 552.

John McClane’s case also begins with a tweet from Call of Duty’s Twitter account, and they even created a new site for this one:

To me, after seeing this it’s safe to say that this is more than a chance at this point, as Call of Duty themselves tease it. The important question is, when? We have to wait it out to know the answer for this one.

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