Call of Duty: Warzone Receives New Map In Season 3

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 3 begins today, and in this season we receive a new map that is called Verdansk’84. Basically, after the zombie outbreak expanded through the entire Verdansk, a nuclear missile was launched towards the zone. And now, we go back in time and fight in 1984’s Verdansk.

The map has been released by now, but some players could access the map earlier thanks to private lobbies, this lasted until Raven, the developer, disabled the feature. Well, some YouTubers already captured the whole thing in time.

There are significant changes in 1984’s Verdansk, some buildings aren’t complete, Dam area is completely different, the stadium is still in construction, and more. It’s been a very interesting experience for me to play the map for the first time.

Gulag also faced some changes in it, expanding the battlefield that you can 1v1 your enemy in. Make sure to update your game and try the new map if you can, as it’s pretty interesting to see how Verdansk was back in the day.

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