A New Realistic Cinematic Horror Game is Coming, Check Out The ”Abandoned”

The Blue Box Game Studios, a developer studio under Sony announced that they are making a new, cinematic, first-person horror survival shooter. The game is called Abandoned and it’s going to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

In a blog post, the game director Hasan Kahraman showed some features about the game and explained the game. We can see that the game is in the early development stage right now, and the story is about Jason Longfield who wakes up in the forest alone without having a clue of how he got there. And our main purpose is to leave the forest.

The developer studio promises that Abandoned will focus on realism. There will be small details like if your character sprints for a long time and he gets tired you won’t be able to shoot accurately. And the Dualshock 5’s technology will add a realistic feeling to the trigger.

The game is planned for the end of this year and it will run at 60 FPS and 4K resolution. Also, a full gameplay video is planned to release soon.

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