Gamer Surprises His 8 Years Old Brother With A Gaming PC for Birthday

You probably at some point in your life(especially in childhood) wanted to get a gaming console or a PC so badly. There is nothing wrong with wanting such a thing as we just wanted to have some fun and entertain ourselves, having quality time. And now, we have great news of a gamer getting his 8 years old little brother a gaming PC for his birthday.

The person behind this amazing thing is ET Designs, we got to know about this after he decided to share this amazing moment on Reddit. When you watch the video, it’s obvious that his brother wanted a gaming PC for a while.

At first, the boy took a while to believe that the PC on the table is actually his, and after a while, we can see a heartwarming moment where he hugs his brother. Well, the context says he has been wanting a PC for more than two years, but couldn’t afford one. So it’s not hard to imagine how happy the boy was.

In case you are wondering about the PC specs, ET Designs makes a comment below the post, saying that the PC has “2060, Ryzen 5 2600, 16gb 3000mhz with an SSD too”. These are some good specs, and I’m pretty sure that it’s enough for our young lad to play his favorite games with.

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