Gamer Sold His PlayStation 5 to Get N64 Along with A Collection of Retro Games

A PlayStation 5 is something we can’t really purchase nowadays, due to scalpers and lack of stocks. If you tried to get one from scalpers, they would bump up the price a lot, probably paying more than two times the suggested price. But what if you could get one around the suggested price? Anyone would try to purchase it ASAP.

Sometimes, life is just unexpected, as a gamer decides to sell his PlayStation 5 in order to get a Nintendo 64 with a collection of retro games. This passion that ResetEra user Traxus has is just beyond my imagination, I couldn’t have guessed such a thing happening before this.

Traxus described the source of this action as a broken CRT television that he saw by the side of the road. “I put it in my trunk, unleashing a cursed chain of events that would lead to me rebuilding and augmenting my childhood Nintendo 64 collection, almost breaking my back hunting down a much nicer (but also free) 27″ Sony Trinitron, and selling my PS5 Digital Edition (for a small profit) to support my crippling addiction, much to my wife’s chagrin.”

Trexus says he wants to pick up a PS5 again sometime in the future, and he says that the games he bought stays in his library and will probably get back into PS5 after some more games for the PS5 release.

“I have a couple children now and I feel like of all the retro consoles, the N64 is just fun as hell, especially for young kids with all of the amazing 3d platformers on the system. I’ve been playing Super Mario 64 with my boy and it holds up every bit as well as it played in 1996.”

Seems like he’s happy with the result, and that’s all that matters. As long as he’s happy with it, why would he regret it? Also, we got plenty of time to wait out for new PS5 games. Plus, making your kids experience the retro games in an N64 is just fantastic.

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