There Are Some New Rumors About The Nintendo Switch Pro, Including The Release Date!

There are some new rumors about the ”Nintendo Switch Pro”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there were some really big rumors about a new and much more powerful Nintendo Switch, the ”Nintendo Switch Pro”. And recently we got some new rumors about this powerful Nintendo Switch.

This rumor comes from an industry insider ”NateDrake”. This insider tells that this console is scheduled to be announced this year. Also, it’s planned to release this tear too, however, a delay into 2022 for the release of the console is a high possibility.

Unfortunately, they don’t give us a specific date for the release of the console. But it sounds like the console will release somewhere around this year. But of course, as they said, there is still a possibility of the company delaying it to next year.

They also hint that this new console will boost the FPS and resolution of the older games. However, there could be some exceptions in certain games that are coded differently.

And lastly, they comment about Nintendo Switch Pro’s rumored DLSS support. They say that they heard that this support will only include docked mode. But they aren’t ready to dismiss portable DLSS, citing a lack of confirmation either way.

And as always, Nintendo didn’t comment on any of this stuff, and this is all a rumor after all. So I wouldn’t recommend you to get hyped up about this stuff. But with these rumors keep coming about Nintendo Switch Pro, it’s actually a high possibility that we could get a new and powerful Nintendo Switch.

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