Sucker Punch Co-Founder Says That Hardest Feature to Implement in Ghost of Tsushima Was the Combat!

Sucker Punch’s Co-Founder Brian Fleming says that the most difficult feature to implement in Ghost of Tsushima was the combat. He went into detail about how this was the key feature to make the game perfect. And he adds that this was a 6-year-old journey for the team and it was really crucial to get it right.

Fleming did an AMA (ask me anything) at the GDC Showcase about the popular game Ghost of Tsushima. People asked Fleming what was the hardest feature to implement in Ghost of Tsushima. He responded;

“Easy answer and the answer is combat. The combat system was something that the team that worked on that — the handful of programmers and designers and animators — you know they worked nonstop for six years and built multiple versions of it with multiple approaches.”

He said the combat was a central aspect to the Ghost of Tsushima, He added;

“The combat system along with a few other systems… they’re kind of the center of everything. They have to work in every situation, they have to work in every lighting situation, they have to work in every terrain they have to work in every strange mode the game might be in — combat could potentially break out in.”

“It was an elusive, nonstop effort over literally a six-year journey continuing to work on that. I think the results were good but it was a long, difficult road.”

And GDC Showcase will continue all week and there will much more developers making AMA’s about games and projects.

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