Sony Files Trademarks for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10

After 5 gens of the same naming style, it looks like Sony is fond of continuing the tradition. They have filed trademarks for the next 5 potential consoles they may make. Sony out there planning everything from the very beginning, but things weren’t like this back in the day.

We don’t know if we will actually get 5 more consoles that are named after PS from Sony in the future, this is more of a way to ensure that they got the rights to use the names.

There are also some things that are out of character when looking from modern-day Sony’s perspective. Like them filing a trademark for the original PS in 2000, four years after the release of the console. Also, PS2 and PS3’s trademarks were filed one year before their launch. PS4 on the other hand got its name trademark filed 7 years in advance until the launch.

And finally, PS5’s trademark. Sony filed the trademark for PS5 back in 2006, showing how the policy on new console names’ trademarks changed inside Sony after only 6 years. Like we mentioned before, this doesn’t mean we will have PS10 for sure, but you know, what if we do? That’s what Sony probably thought as well.

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