Final Fantasy Creator’s New Game ”Fantasian” Has a Unique Diorama Look!

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s studio Mistwalker is working on a new Japanese-style role-playing game. This game is named ”Fantasian”. It will be a turn-based game. But there is something that makes Fantasian different from other games. It’s made from handmade physical dioramas. And this makes the game look really different from the games we are used to seeing. I honestly think it looks really unique and awesome.

Also, the controversial feature from the first Final Fantasy games comes back. There will be random monster encounters. You will have to fight monsters when you are traveling.

Sakaguchi said Fantasian is inspired by his work in Final Fantasy 6. “That really renewed my interest and love in this classic JRPG genre, and gave me an opportunity to return to my roots” Sakaguchi said. He also said that there have many elements from Final Fantasy, like “collecting information in different towns, talking to NPCs, traversing dungeons, random encounters and turn-based combat.”

The Mistwalker is a studio with less than 20 people in it, but almost 150 artists worked in the game’s dioramas. Sakaguchi said that this decision to give the game this looks is creative and looks good, but it has negative effects too. He explained “Once you begin building it, you’ve committed to your level design. You really have to be very intentional and know what you’re looking for at the conception phase. Once the artisans get to work, that’s going to be your stage.”

We will play Leo, a character that is looking for his missing father. An accident happens and Leo wakes up in an unfamiliar realm, the ”Machine Realm”. He loses all of his memory other than one specific one, a memory of a girl named Kira. So our quest is to reclaim Leo’s memory and we get other quests along the way.

Fantasian will release sometime in 2021, and it will be out for Apple Arcade. So you will able to play this game with iPad, iPhone, and Mac Books.

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