GTA Online Leak Indicates The Future of Next-Gen Version of The Game

The next-gen version of GTA Online was revealed by Rockstar Games last year, and it was said that the game will arrive on the next-gen consoles in an “expanded and enhanced” form. But at that time, there were no details on the development or the public side of the game.

And now, we got a leak about the matter, which will probably be a sign of relief for most of the GTA Online players. With a recent GTA Online update, the game got a file that signs an ability to transfer GTA Online characters to next-gen consoles. Knowing they did the same thing for last-gen, it’s not a big surprise but probably is a nice event to hear for most of the players that don’t know about it.

That’s it for the leak, for now, we will see how future shapes following this leak and revealed feature for the game. There are no comments made by Rockstar Games on the matter as well.

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