Gamer Calls Out PS5 Scalpers on Behalf of Everyone

We all know the issue with PS5’s being mass-purchased by scalpers, and this problem really ruins everything for most of the gamers all around the world. And this man in the video you will see had enough of this.

After the beginning of pre-orders for PS5, things have been super fast and terrible, why terrible you ask? Because scalpers already had begun pre-ordering in enormous amounts. And ironic enough, we had overpriced listings on websites with pictures of receipts before the release of the console, showing that the person has secured a PS5 order.

Let’s remember the prices of PS5 consoles, shall we? The Standart Edition PS5 costs $499, meanwhile, the Digital Edition PS5 costs $399. But we even saw listings of these consoles starting from $1,300. This is madness.

The man basically says pretty much everything that gamers want to say, and he is right with his sentences. In the video, all of those PS5s belong to the same person, and their purpose is to be sold with overpriced tags.

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