Hogwarts Legacy Meets ‘Bully’ Harry Potter, According to Leaker

2020 has been a pretty awful year, but there has been a bright spot or two in the dark. Among them, I’m sure, Warner Bros. and that was when Portkey Games announced Hogwarts Legacy: the long-rumored Harry Potter RPG that we’ve all been waiting for.

We encountered an impressive trailer at the PlayStation 5 promotional event that left Hogwarts Legacy as the star of the show in the eyes of Potter fans all over the world. The open-world RPG looks like a truly immersive experience and offers a vast array of locations to explore, including Hogwarts and many iconic environments.

We haven’t heard much from Portkey Games in Hogwarts Legacy for a while, probably because the team is working hard to prepare the game for what we hope will be the 2021 release. However, we started to hear some potential details leaking through the cracks in the game.

These details were shared on Reddit by an unverified source. The most interesting package out of the alleged leak is that Hogwarts Legacy is basically very similar to Rockstar’s Bully, but with magic, it is sure to excite a lot of people. They explain that you can interact with NPCs. (Compliment / teasing them at your discretion. If you provoke someone too much, they will report you to a teacher.)

The post also touches on a “dark” story and a potential multiplayer raid system, two of which we previously heard from leaks before the game was announced. However, interestingly, the last thing we heard was that the game wouldn’t have multiplayer raids. This could be an extra feature cut off at some point in development or something that won’t be added until after launch. We’ll have to wait and see. It also mimics that you can tame and ride animals, which makes sense. We saw a wizard driving a Hippogriff in the teaser trailer.

It is not known exactly when Hogwarts Legacy will be released. But we’ll share all the new details about the Harry Potter RPG as soon as we get it.

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