Shigeru Miyamoto Says His Kids Play Too Many Sega Games

On the way to the Super Nintendo World’s opening in Universal Studios Japan, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto conducts interview tours. In a recent article in The New Yorker, Miyamoto was asked if they were fans of his kids and video games. Miyamoto explained that his kids are big fans of Sega, especially games like Out Run and Space Harrier. As the father of Mario and Zelda, some might assume this would make the legendary developer jealous, but that pushed him to work harder just to win over their kids.

During the meeting, Miyamoto stated that all video game consoles in the house belong to him, so if the children do not follow the rules, he can take the console away. Essentially, this means that the Sega console belongs to Mario’s father. Game developers have long avoided console war controversies that many players participate in. Developers like Miyamoto have long looked at what rival companies are producing for inspiration, both for their entertainment and what they can do.

While it’s clear that Miyamoto was not afraid to own a Sega console, the competition between this company and Nintendo was pretty fierce in the 90s. The two consoles inspired numerous schoolyard debates about which company is really the best, and the result was a book and then a documentary about the competition called Console Wars. However, much has changed since those days. In 2001, Sega left the console market and instead opted to produce books as a third-party publisher. Over the past two decades, Nintendo and Sega have had a much more friendly relationship. Since then Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros. He continued to appear alongside Miyamoto’s creations in the Olympic Games franchise such as Ultimate and Mario and Sonic. Perhaps the presence of a Sega console around the house encouraged Miyamoto and Nintendo to make these collaborations.

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