Cyberpunk 2077: Is It Really for PS4/Xbox One?

After the release of Cyberpunk 2077, we can’t say things went smooth on a performance basis. FPS was lower than expected when we take official system requirements as reference. But the game is getting patches that fix bugs and improves performance significantly, although, those patches we’ve seen so far aren’t close to being enough for all the issues gamers having all around the world.

Even though the game is in a playable state for the PC and next-gen consoles -the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S- we can’t say the same for PS4 and Xbox One. Firstly, the game is not stable at all, and most importantly, there are an insane amount of bugs that are game-breaking. And to add on top of that, textures won’t even load until you wait for a while, also NPCs or any object that was supposed to be in a place takes a long time to load.

Those are technical problems, but to prioritize technical problems, a player should be able to play the game in performance impact. But unfortunately, that’s almost impossible in PS4/Xbox One.

In some areas we can’t even reach 30FPS, the game would run at a low FPS of 21 for a moment as well. You can check how the game performs on base PS4(Version 1.04), a video published by YouTube user TeMkA169:

And the list of problems goes on, as we mentioned before, the game’s system requirements on PC is not so accurate at the moment. Keep in mind that the game is getting patches frequently and CD Projekt Red is updating the game for performance tweaks and bug fixes, but that’s the situation for now.

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