BioShock 4 Will Have Massive Spaces and Dialogue Options

BioShock 4 will have a less linear relationship compared to the series standard and may even have dialogue options reminiscent of Fallout games.

BioShock’s director Ken Levine announced that BioShock Infinite will be the last entry to the series from Irrational Games in 2014. Speaking of the pressure and stress of looking after a large team for the game, he explained that this was negatively affecting his health and resigned. The BioShock rights remained with 2K Games, and the future of the franchise was eclipsed after the loss of a key member of the games’ creative ambitions and awareness. Later, after 2K Games shut down 2K Marin and put the project from team to team, speculation said BioShock 4 would eventually be trashed. However, it was said that the game is in active development under Cloud Chamber, a brand new internal company, late last year. Kelley Gilmore runs the studio alongside BioShock alumni Hoagy de la Plante, Scott Sinclair and Jonathan Pelling. While it has survived years of controversy, we’ve gotten the details of the game it exists and the way it will take.

Recent job opportunities at Cloud Chamber have shed some light on the project. A systems designer says BioShock 4 could be an emerging sandbox world that includes interactive world systems and non-artificial intelligence systemic ecology, player growth systems, and progress and game balance and economics.

Also, a senior sound designer states that the applicant will be working on an ambitious, narrative-focused project with character and personality. He also states that the RPG experience is a must as they will design dialogue systems that can point to a more reactive narrative of the game.

The dialogue systems that allow the characters to judge you for your actions are in line with the themes the games gather around, so it’s something like Fallout games where people will exclude you even if you just make you sound like tickets. Of course, BioShock 4 is still in development and these cookies are subject to change. Still, it’s exciting to learn how the game progresses.

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