A Man Bought PS5 But Concrete Block Arrived

A man from Utah who wanted to buy a PS5 from a second-hand seller on eBay was reportedly quite shocked when the package containing a concrete block instead arrived. The man spent about $ 1000 on his brand new concrete block, but the various protections available for people buying things on eBay seem to be able to make up for the cost.

According to Fox 13’s report, the man bought the new video game console for $ 878, hundreds of dollars above the requested price, and a PS5 box arrived, but when that box itself was opened, a concrete block was placed inside it. Local police reportedly said the man should get his money back, thanks to the various protections imposed on eBay buyers, but warned the public to beware of such purchases.

It’s worth noting that eBay is especially dangerous when it comes to people trying to scam others during new console launches. Not long ago the company condemned people trying to sell photos of PS5s instead of the consoles themselves and promised to block such listings.

eBay said in a statement at the end of November that they condemned these opportunistic sellers who tried to mislead other users.

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