Fortnite Gets The God Of War Kratos Skin

God of War’s Kratos seems to be heading for Fortnite, according to some leaks. Fortnite Chapter 2 will join the Mandalorian as one of the new skins of Season 5.

The news that a Kratos skin is coming to Fortnite came from various sources. Starting from official sources, Fortnite’s newest season is themed to bring the most elite hunters from across the multiverse to the Island.

The Fortnite Twitter account broadcasts Jonesey’s (now voiced by Troy Baker) audio recordings as he explores the universe for hunters to join him. One of the audio recordings posted on the official PlayStation Twitter account talks about a man defeating the gods with his bare hands. Sound familiar?

Twitter user @Hypex, a Fortnite leak that properly leaked The Mandalorian skin before it was announced, was not kept secret for long when it revealed that Kratos was coming to Fortnite. And a second leak claimed that this time on PlayStation Store, the God of War was coming to the Island.

Fortnite players can unlock The Mandalorian Beskar armor skin by purchasing the Battle Pass. After completing level 100, players will open a Baby Yoda back bling.

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