Battlefield 6 Insider Responds To The Leak With Good News

A person from Battlefield 6 responded to the latest rumors about the next generation game with some good news. EA and Dice announced their next Battlefield game on EA Play in June, which will likely launch the 2021 holiday through PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Since its launch, EA and DICE haven’t said a word about the game, leaving Battlefield fans desperate for more information.

Unfortunately, fans weren’t satisfied with the official news, but the game is back in the news, thanks to industry insider Anton Logvinov claiming that despite the game being in good shape, it’s not what fans wanted.

Responding to this rumor, Tom Henderson, another person in the industry, suggested that fans shouldn’t worry and that the game is exactly what fans wanted from the franchise.

Also, Henderson says they won’t reveal until spring, which means that probably the only thing we’ll ever hear about the game is a new rumor or leak.

Nothing here is official information, but there are also conflicting reports about the game from two reliable sources.

At the time of publication, neither EA nor DICE commented on this alleged information, which is highly unlikely.

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