YouTube Will Show Ads On All Videos

YouTube has updated its terms of service. Ads can now appear on videos of channels that are not in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), and they will gradually start placing ads on brand-safe videos.

This means that unlike before, when only videos monetized by creators display ads, YouTube will now show ads in front of a video, regardless of whether the creator is a YouTube partner or not. This not only puts potentially annoying ads in your way, but it also eliminates the decision of YouTubers whether to show an ad in the first place.

In the update, this is attempted as part of our ongoing investments in new solutions such as Home Feed ads that help advertisers responsibly leverage YouTube’s full scale to connect with their audiences and grow their business. As before, creators can apply to become a partner if they meet YouTube’s partner program eligibility criteria, for example, 4,000 public watch hours accumulated over 12 months and over 1000 subscribers.

The changes are currently only for US channels. The terms of service will be valid for all other regions from mid-2021.

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