Call of Duty Streamer’s World Record Zombies Run Cut Short by a Bug

Popular Call of Duty streamer NoahJ456’s 6-hour Zombies, CoD: Black Ops – Cold War, was abruptly interrupted. The tragedy occurred when Noah peaked on lap 208 in the Zombies race alone. After almost six hours of progress, he was the first to finish the 256 laps and was at the speed to safely go out. Shortly after reading the chat message that a viewer lost his Zombies match due to server issues, Noah came to a sudden halt, followed by a black screen called an error message with a funny name (Zebra 112 Vicious Stallion).

If you’ve tried the new Zombies mode in the Cold War, you know how difficult it is to get your first 20 rounds to 200 with your friends. After days of just playing Zombies, Noah has found a fixed map rotation that allows the zambos to fly to a perfect choke point or splash damage from a ray gun. Gassed with the best weapons in six perks and mods, it was only a matter of time before he reached his goal. Noah is visibly disappointed as he shuts down the stream.

The “Vicious Stallion” server error Noah encounters is uncommon. There are several posts in the Cold War subdirectory with instances of Zombies matches ending in a server error, but for now they appear to be isolated instances.

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