Sony Reaffirms PS5 Will Not Support SSD Storage Expansion

With the PS5 looming on the horizon, the sluice gates are now open, and the news continues to emerge about Sony’s console, including official confirmation that SSD storage expansion will not be supported.

The PS5 will include an 825GB drive at launch, and Sony has previously confirmed that owners can expand this SSD storage space through the console’s dedicated internal M.2 slot. However, Sony echoed a point made earlier this year by lead PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny and confirmed that the PS5’s M.2 slot will be unboxed and not activated on launch day. On the other hand, USB external storage support suitable for PS4 games will be available from day one.

Sony has released a new video that takes potential owners around through the console’s various setting options. However, as seen by PS fans on the internet, there is a view of a previously unreported game presets feature that you will be missing in the blink of an eye.

Game presets allow players to set their preferred settings for some different options, and these are applied to any game that initially supports the feature. Using the appropriate menu, users can determine the difficulty setting of their choice, whether to play in first or third person mode, whether to prioritize performance or resolution mode and more.

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