Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gets A Huge Update This Week

The hit ninja action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a huge and free annual release update this week. A boss-rush styled boss challenge mode, unlockable character skins, and player recordings come with this update. This update came about a year and a half after From Software’s latest creation was released and we heard about this update earlier this year. The update will release on October 29th and will be free for all owners.

There are up to 30 seconds of game footage, and you can share this footage with your friends. The boss rush modes are Reflections of Strength and Gauntlets of Strength. With reflections, you face any boss that you have beaten before; and with Gauntlets, you have to beat in a single try without dying.

The update comes this week. Let’s see what’s more it has!

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